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What You Can Do

THE ARK exists because of the donations of individuals and organizations. This takes place through both giving of money and of time.

It is impossible to overestimate the impact of volunteers on the ministry at THE ARK. Your gift of time is of immense value and is the only way we can do what we do.

Would you consider one of these areas to donate your time and make a difference with the next generation?

Summer Camp Faculty

We are always looking for individuals who love children and want to point them to Jesus. If you would like to work as faculty during one of our weeks, please download and fill out the application below and get it sent in to THE ARK's office. If you have questions about what being on faculty would look like, feel free to email our Director of Operations, Larry Lipps at 


Interested in being a part of what takes place here at THE ARK for longer than a week? Well, if you are at least a graduating senior in high school and would like to work on summer staff, check out the link below and turn in an application to THE ARK. The link will also give you more information about our 2 year internships. If you love camp and love overseas missions, an internship might be just the thing for you. If you have further questions about being on summer staff Bruce Cameron at or a if you'd like info about the internship program, contact Danny Wright at 

Or visit our internship page HERE.


One of the things that will make or break a child's camp experience is the food! We are blessed to have wonderful and experienced leadership in our kitchen, but even the best staff can't make it all happen alone. We are always looking for individuals with hearts to serve who are willing to come spend a day in the kitchen cleaning tables, washing dishes, and helping out wherever else is needed. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, please get in touch with Karen Corn, our Food Service Manager at 


THE ARK sits on 50 acres of property and nearly every acre has something that needs to be mowed, cleaned, repaired, built, trimmed, shoveled, cut, shingled, installed... well, you get the idea! We couldn't make this place all that it needs to be to reach the next generation without committed volunteers in our maintenance department. If you love to get your hands dirty, turn a wrench, swing a hammer, dig a hole, or anything else that has to do with maintenance, please feel free to contact our Volunteer Volunteer Coordinator, Tim, at to see how you can get involved.

 Here's an updated list of work projects at THE ARK.


Other Opportunities

At THE ARK, our goal is to place people who want to serve in positions where they can use their strengths and abilities to make a difference for Christ. We would love to hear from you if you have gifts/talents/abilities you would like to use for the Kingdom of God. If you don't see something listed on this page that fits your gift set, check out the link below, or feel free to contact Larry Lipps and let us know how you would like to serve.

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