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High School: 9 - 13

Ziba: Grades 10 - 13

Dates: July 7-13
(Check-in on Saturday @ 9:00 AM -  Check-out on Friday at 5:00 PM)

Dean: Jim Chaplin

Ziba is an opportunity for those with a heart for service to connect with special needs campers. You’ll have a full week of serving and showing God’s love, including special training and direction on how to interact with your Mephibosheth Camper. This will be a time of study, worship, service and great activities with and around the Mephibosheth campers. An extra Mephibosheth Camp application is due two weeks prior to camp for all faculty. This application can be found below.

  • 2017 Camp Session #
  • 2017 Camper #s
  • 2017 Kitchen Vol #
  • 2017 Cookies baked
  • 2017 Summer Student Who Accepted Jesus