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Job Openings

Come join our team! We're hiring a Financial Secretary...

Job Overview

  • $16 per hour (on-site housing provided if needed)
  • 25-35 hours per week - flexible hours/days
  • Vacation and Sick Leave TBD 


  • You are someone who has a heart for God. Above all else, you seek God daily through prayer and Bible study. This is considered part of your job and part of who you are.
  • You love the mission of THE ARK to create communities of grace everywhere God leads, to make disciples, to reach the world with the Love of Christ, and to transform the kingdoms of this world into the Kingdom of God, where His will is being done on earth as it is in heaven.
  • You have a heart for the kids, parents, guests, ministers, and donors who are part of this ministry. You see all these relationships as long-term. You have a heart for grace expressed in community and develop your communication with donors, guests, campers, parents, the other staff, and all those you connect with in a way that honors them and assists in effective ministry through THE ARK.
  • You have a heart for smooth administration and excellent customer service.
  • You commit to a Matthew 18 principle of handling conflict, talking with rather than about someone else.

Areas of Responsibility:

  1. Manage and maintain the finances of THE ARK under the direction of the Executive Director and FiscAlign.
  2. Return all calls and emails in a timely manner and develop good relationships with vendors and services.
  3. As directed, develop the necessary financial policies & procedures and implement them in such a way as to honor all those involved.
  4. Assist the Executive Director in developing and implementing the budget and cost control measures.
  5. Maintain secure records for sensitive data.
  6. Weekly (Thursday/Friday) Scan and upload A/P information into the main Sync Folder labeled THE ARK CM.
  7. Monthly
    1. Enter Payroll information on the spreadsheet and submit it to FiscAlign (5th of the month).
    2. FiscAlign will enter payroll Journal Entries when payroll is completed.
    3. Upload Bank Statements.
    4. Fiscalign will reconcile monthly and prepare Board Reports.
  8. Bi-weekly (For example Tuesdays & Thursdays)- A/R and Deposits.
    1. Make Deposits 2 days a week. Scan & send Deposit summary to FiscAlign.
    2. Prepare and print Thank You Letters to be signed by the Executive Director.
    3. Sync Deposit slips with Class listed on the slip
    4. Sync weekly report from Campwise (database).
  9. Work alongside the Development Director to keep the database current.
  10. Sort and print out letters, mailing labels, and response cards for bulk mailings including Appeal Letters. Oversee the bulk mailing process alongside the Development Director.
  11. Develop simple systems that allow for a teachable process for filing and categorizing receipts and fluid communication with FiscAlign.

Please complete the application linked below and email it to

Contact THE ARK at 765-395-3638 ext. 205 with questions.

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