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Mid August 2018

As we head into retreat season, I reflect on the summer of “Rooted.” My best memory is of an afternoon when the call to prayer sounded. It was a Christian call to rest in God & pray to Him. We heard it as a part of the mission experience 5 times a day; there was much prayer happening on the property.

This particular afternoon, I was getting out of a vehicle by the Jungle Huts. The campers were in the middle of working on memory verses (getting rooted). I heard one camper who was by the campfire call out to everyone else, “Hey, we need to get together & pray.” I watched as the campers gathered & one of them led in prayer for people who don’t know

Your prayers & financial support allow this type of leadership to happen in multiple sessions of camp all summer. Thank you for joining us in this life-changing ministry.


Bruce R. Cameron
Executive Director


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