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Elementary: K - 6

Extremes: Grades 3 - 6

When kids "graduate" from our Quest series, it's time to step up to the Extreme camps.  Each of these sessions are filled with age-appropriate activities, Bible teachings, and worship experiences.  Life is giving them more choices as they grow older and the leaders at our Extremes camps are ready to give kids the tools they need to help them make these choices the way God would want them to choose.

Extremes 2.0 (July 28-31)

Grades: 3-5  (Check-in on Sunday @ 5:00 PM -- Check-out on Wednesday @ 4:30 PM)
Dean: Michael McDonough

Extremes 2.0 is a 3 night stay experience packed with fun and learning with many new activities for the campers.  It is a great next (or even first) step for kids as they grow.  It's not too long for those who haven't been to camp and it's not too short for those who have tried our shorter sessions.  

Extremes (June 16-21)

Grades: 4-6 (Check-in on Sunday @ 5:00 PM - - Check-out on Friday @ 4:30 PM)
Dean: Pete Howard & Michael Fuqua

Extremes 4-6 is a week-long camp filed with non-stop fun where every minute of the day is packed with adventure. Extremes is an unforgettable time with mind-boggling fun, great evening activities, intense discussion times, amazing faculty, great Bible teaching and awesome worship. Campers will love every minute!

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