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2021 High School: 9 - 13

Merge: Grades 9 - 13

Dates: July 18 - 23, 2021

Dean: Jeremy Glasford

MERGE Camp continues its unique approach by offering individualized "tracks" for the participant to choose. What are TRACKS? Simply stated, TRACKS are specialty groups that students will choose to be a part of for the entire week of MERGE. We have specific leaders who are in charge of each TRACK based upon their own giftedness and desire. We are excited to have Ryan McCarty as our main speaker and Sing Love Worship to lead worship. 

Merge 2021 Track Descriptions
1. Worship - Led by Sing Love Worship. Students will have an opportunity to be a part of the main session worship sets as well as see that worship isn’t just done from a stage and it definitely isn’t done for anyone other than God. So pack up your instrument and your vocal chords and sign up for the Worship Track!

2. Art - Led by Jennifer Mellon. Discover ways to use your gifts of creativity and art in and for the Kingdom. Plus you will get to create some awesome stuff to take home!

3. Paintball - Led by Sean Owens. This track is geared around paintball all week long! So get ready to head into battle as you build strategy and strength not only in your paintball team but in your relationship with the One who already won the final battle.

4. Finding God in Media - Led by THE Danny Wright. We will look at how where God is among the media that drives our culture. From news, to books, music to movies, from street corners to school halls God is present and we will practice being present with Him as we live, move and have our being in Him. We will journey through what it means to listen, and live out the gospel in a world where God is already present and inviting us to join Him in the process of reconciliation.

5. Sports - Led by Jordan Delks. What else is there to say? If you are athletic and always on the move, the Sports Track is what you're looking for. You will have a chance to play different sports and activities throughout the week. When we're together, we will have an awesome time playing, but we will also see how we can use our God-given abilities to accomplish something greater than any championship or scholarship could ever offer!

6. Missions - Led by Cody & Sharayah Isaacson. We will spend the week “on Mission” in Grant County and surrounding areas. You will have a chance to see the numerous ways God wants to use your life to radically change the world around you no matter how near or far that may be.

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