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2019 Middle School: 7 - 9

SHIFT: Grades 6-8

Updated for for incoming 6th - 8th graders!

Dates: June 23 - 28 (Check-in on Sunday at 5:00 PM - - Check-out on Friday at 4:30 PM)
Dean: Jonathan Greene 

SHIFT Camp is a brand new experience for Middle School Students. The power of Christian Camp is experienced with main speaker, worship, group recreation, campfires, and spiritual development. SHIFT also offers the added benefit of shifting gears into your own special track for the week. Tracks are specialty groups that students will choose to be a part of for the entire week of SHIFT. Qualified leaders direct each track based upon their own giftedness.

SHIFT Track Descriptions:

1.      Drama – Led by Ashley Greene and her acting troupe. You will experience writing, directing, and acting as part of a deeper communication experience.                This will challenge you to share the Love of Jesus in deeper and more creative ways. Max Capacity: 12

2.     Paintball – (Leader Pending) For those who really like the strategy and intrigue of war games and problem solving. This track will look at various scenarios            and opportunities to play paintball in a group environment. If one game for the week is just not enough for you, sign up for this track. Max Capacity: 24

3.     Sports – Led by Greg Perkins. Experience different types of sports with emphasis on Basketball, softball, and soccer. Max Capacity: 24

4.     Cooking – (Leader Pending) Learn some of the best and easiest recipes from one of the region’s best cooks. Practice, create, bake, taste, and judge the              best of the best. Max Capacity: 12

5. Wilderness - Led by Bruce Cameron - Experience everything from climbing, mountain biking, canoeing, backpacking, and setting a camp with nothing but              kitchen mats. If you enjoy the outdoors, you will like this experience of learning as you go on an adventure together. Max Capacity: 12

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