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2021 Elementary: K - 6

Intro to Wilderness: Grades 4 - 6

Registration begins on January 4, 2021. After that date, register by clicking on any "Register Now" button. 

Dates: June 13 - 17, 2021 
Dean: Gary Phillips

Kids will be introduced to four popular outdoor activities (hiking, paddling, rock climbing, mountain biking) during this camp. They may do day trips offsite. They'll explore and learn about what the great outdoors has to offer: the joys of outdoor recreation, living, camping, and cooking. This camp can be thought of as pre-requisite camp for the Jr/Sr High wilderness trips.

Registration size is limited.

(Disclaimer: children participating in this camp should have the personal desire to participate in these activities and should have good mobility, as well as know how to ride a bike. Please do not coerce a child into participating in this camp as it may not be for every child.)

                          ***As stated above, this camp will have off-site activities each day.***