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Elementary: K - 6

SHIFT: Grades 6-8

Registration begins on February 1. After that date, register by clicking on any "Register Now" button.

June 4 - 9, 2023
Dean: Jonathan Greene 

SHIFT Camp is designed for Middle School Students. The power of a Christian Camp experience with a main speaker, worship, group recreation, campfires, and spiritual development. Middle School is when life starts to SHIFT for campers and many aspects of their lives and interests are changing. Every day, SHIFT campers will be able to learn new skills based on their growing interests.

When registering, each camper will sign up for ONE of the following tracks.

 - Art and Cooking (limit 14)
- Wilderness & Adventure Sports (limit 13)
- Paintball & Targets (limit 14)

Qualified leaders direct each skill based on their own giftedness.

Total camp capacity = 41 campers 

Click here for what to expect while at camp, a packing list, and check-in and check-out times.

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    2023 Camper #
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    2023 Camp Session #
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    2023 Volunteer #
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    2023 Campers who accepted Jesus
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    2023 Missions Offering