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Guest Groups

School Field Trips, Corporate Team Building, and More...

We offer customizable field trips for school groups, corporations, and more. 

If your group is looking for a unique setting to get away and focus on areas that the busyness of day-to-day life have not allowed you to, then THE ARK might be just what you are looking for.  We have 50 wooded acres that offer your organization great facilities to help you tune out the noise.  

Please checkout the facilities page for more details. 

Contact the office at (765) 395-3638 or for field trip, rental, and retreat inquiries. 

Click on the Video Below for an Aerial Tour of THE ARK

  • 2023 Camper #
    2023 Camper #
  • 2023 Camp Session #
    2023 Camp Session #
  • 2023 Volunteer #
    2023 Volunteer #
  • 2023 Campers who accepted Jesus
    2023 Campers who accepted Jesus
  • 2023 Missions Offering
    2023 Missions Offering