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Volunteer Opportunities

Summer Camp Faculty

We are always looking for individuals who love children and want to help point them to Jesus. If you would like to work as faculty (cabin leaders, programming staff, etc.) during one of our sessions, please complete the online application linked below. If you have questions about what being faculty would look like, feel free to email or call us at 765-395-3638.

Please note that THE ARK requires all faculty members be at least 16 years old - our strong preference is 18 years old. Occasionally, exceptions to this policy are made by a session's volunteer dean and ARK staff. Please contact the office for additional information.   

Please note: the volunteer application process typically begins on March 1 each year.

  • 2023 Camper #
    2023 Camper #
  • 2023 Camp Session #
    2023 Camp Session #
  • 2023 Volunteer #
    2023 Volunteer #
  • 2023 Campers who accepted Jesus
    2023 Campers who accepted Jesus
  • 2023 Missions Offering
    2023 Missions Offering