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Middle School: 7 - 9

Junior High Wilderness: Grades 7 - 9 - FULL

Registration begins on February 1.  After that date, register by clicking on any "Register Now" button. 

Dates: June 25-30, 2023 - FULL

Dean: Andy Clark 

Location & Description: Southeast Tennessee
What do you enjoy about the outdoors: Mountains?  Lakes?  Rivers?  Waterfalls?  Hiking?  Caves?  Cliffs?  Canoeing?  This week has all that and more!  How?  We’re headed down to southeast Tennessee; that’s how!  Join us as we exert our bodies in outdoor adventures and dedicate our hearts to our Father in Heaven.  We’ll dig into how to really pray “Hallowed be Thy Name” as we explore the ‘hollers’ in and around the Great Smoky Mountains. 

Limit 12 students

Details for Campers & Parents:

Here are some things we’re sure you’ll want to know:
* We will be based at the wilderness camp of a sister camp in southeastern Tennessee.
* We will meet at THE ARK Christian Ministries on Sunday, June 25, at 2:00 PM, ensuring everyone has what is needed for our journey.  Be sure to grab lunch before you arrive.
* We plan to return to THE ARK Christian Ministries well before the 4:30 PM pickup time on Friday, June 30. Please make arrangements to pick up your child at that time.
* This wilderness camp will be a wide-ranging adventurous week, from caving ( to funyaking, from overnight hiking to enjoying beautiful waterfalls.
* If you need to contact your child, please call the camp office at 765-395-3638.
* Photos taken during the week will be available the week following our adventures in this spot on the website.

Packing List for JH Wilderness Trip:
Be sure to bring:
- Bible and pen
- Sleeping bag (or camping hammock if that’s your thing)
- Pillow (small travel pillows are more convenient for packing if you have one)
- Sunscreen
- Flashlight (headlamps come in handy)
- Toiletries: we will have shower accessibility
- A towel or two
- A water bottle or two
- Swimsuit (one-piece bathing suit, in compliance with camp rules)
- Clothes (At least one set of cold weather clothes such as jeans and a hooded sweatshirt is advisable.  Also advisable is a lightweight rain jacket or poncho).
- Medications (the camp provides a first aid kit, but be sure to make the camp aware of any medications your child will be bringing)
- Shoes for hiking
- Dirty clothes bag
*Closed-toe sandals will be a huge help when we’re in the water
*Shoes and a set of clothes you anticipate throwing away or remaining dirt-stained forever and not exaggerating. When we cave, everything we wear will turn orange.  It will not come out. 
You May Bring:
- Camera
- Sunglasses
- Your own snacks
- Insect repellent
- Money (the camp provides for all meals and necessary costs through camper fees, but students may wish to purchase snacks, souvenirs, or other incidental items)
- Reading material
- You might want to bring a day pack or a smaller, comfortable bag to carry items while on the day hike or to hold loose items while traveling in the van.

Do NOT bring: (these are camp rules applicable to all weeks)
- Cell phones
- Ipods or headphones of any sort

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