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A Glimpse at 2-Year Internship Experiences

Do you wonder what it might look like to participate in THE ARK's Life1010 2-Year Internship program? A 6-8 month placement with missionary partners overseas is typically part of Life1010. Take a look at these videos from some Life1010 interns to get a glimpse of what it could look like for you to experience growth, life, and adventure through Life1010.


  • 2023 Camper #
    2023 Camper #
  • 2023 Camp Session #
    2023 Camp Session #
  • 2023 Volunteer #
    2023 Volunteer #
  • 2023 Campers who accepted Jesus
    2023 Campers who accepted Jesus
  • 2023 Missions Offering
    2023 Missions Offering