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High School: 9 - 13

Merge: Grades 9 - 13

Registration opens February 1.  After that date, register by clicking on any "Register Now" button.

Dates: July 17 - 22, 2022

Dean: Jeremy Glasford

MERGE Camp continues its unique approach by offering individualized "tracks" for the participant to choose. What are TRACKS? Simply stated, TRACKS are specialty groups that students will choose to be a part of for the entire week of MERGE. We have specific leaders who are in charge of each TRACK based upon their own giftedness and desire.  

Merge 2022 Track Descriptions

1. The Arts- Led by Elyse Williams & Jennifer Mellon
The Arts is a redesigned track that will allow campers to still discover ways to use your gifts of creativity and art in and outside the Kingdom. It is expanded this year to encompass with options of being creative in music, drama and other ways to be creative like the Creator. While making art, Elyse and Jennifer will challenge you to look for ways to experience the Ultimate Creator in your creativity each and every day.

2. Paintball - Led by Sean Owens
This track is geared around paintball all week long! So get ready for battle as you build strategy and strength not only in your paintball team but in your relationship with the One who already won the battle. Sean is an experienced paintball veteran who has been involved in leading several weeks of paintball camp.

3. Sports - Led by Brian Pilarski
What else is there to say? If you are athletic and always on the move, the Sports Track is what you're looking for. When we're together, we will have an awesome time playing, but we will also see how we can use our God-given abilities to accomplish something greater than any championship or scholarship could ever offer! Brian is a coach and competitor who will
point campers to Jesus through game play.

4. Missions - Led by Craig Durfor
We will spend the week “on Mission” in Grant County and surrounding areas. We will focus on how we can be the hands and feet of Jesus right now, right where God has placed us. Craig is passionate about serving and inspiring others. He will help the group be a blessing to the local community, but will also help campers experience the blessing of service.

5. Outdoor Adventure Sports - Logan Wuethrich
Like being outdoors and adventurous, but like to get outside of traditional sports activities? This track will allow you to engage with a different adventure sport each day as you tackle God’s creation in a fun and meaningful way. It will also allow you the opportunity to encounter God in special way.

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