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We are excited to have Jill as our missionary in residence this summer. She’s worked globally for close to 40 years in Zimbabwe and in New Zealand. 

Jill lives in Auckland where she volunteers as a chaplain for a public university. She also serves alongside the staff of Shore Community Church and Laidlaw College and is deeply invested in her community,  partnering with local refugee, mental health, and disability organizations.

There’s so much need for the gospel in a very secular NZ, so Jill distributes her energy across 3 main areas: Church, Campus & Community.

A highlight of Jill’s summers growing up was the time she spent as a camper at Pearson’s Mill Christian Assembly at the current location of THE ARK. Jill will share daily with the campers this summer about her ministry in NZ. Thank you all for joining us as we pray for Jill’s ministry in New Zealand and her time with us.

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