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High School: 9 - 13

High School Wilderness Trip: Grades 10 - 13 - FULL as of 3/30

Dates: July 9 - July 14, 2023 - North Carolina - FULL as of 3/30

Dean: Joe Wisley

Join us as we head to the mountains of western North Carolina for a week of adventure and growing closer to our Creator! We'll set up camp in Pisgah National Forest and spend the week mountain biking, hiking, and floating on a river or two. We will camp at Davidson River Campground in Brevard, NC for 3 nights. The other two nights, Sunday and Thursday, we will camp between here and there, probably at Norris Dam St Park in Rocky Top, TN. Oh yeah, and we'll visit amazing waterfalls and see some of the most amazing scenery on this side of the Mississippi! On top of all that, we'll also dive deep into God's Word together, learning as much as we can about our God, whose name is above every other name! Space is limited to the first 12 adventurers who sign up, so don't miss out!

Limit 12 Campers

Info and Packing List for this year's HS Wilderness Trip
- Please be at THE ARK at 2:30 PM on Sunday, July 9, for registration. If this is a problem, please contact the office at 765-395-3638 ASAP.
- We will be staying at two different locations on the trip: Loyston Point Campground near Rocky Top, TN (go ahead, sing the song!) and Davidson River Campground in Brevard, NC. Since we’ll be base camping, it won’t be as essential to pack as light as it would be if we were on the move all week. However, this is an adventure trip, NOT a vacation to the beach. So, pack light, and pack for adventure! There are shower facilities at the campgrounds, so plan accordingly for that.
- Here are some specific details about our adventures: We’ll be riding trails at Loyston Point, DuPont State Forest, and perhaps a few others in the Pisgah National Forest. We’ll ease in slowly, but plan to stretch yourself and try to be in good shape before we head out – preferably good BIKING shape. These aren’t trails like we have in Indiana. These are true MOUNTAIN bike trails. We’ll also be floating the Davidson River near our campsite (think LAZY river, nothing wild and crazy), as well as hiking to some of the prettiest places the eastern United States has to offer!
Packing List
•Comfortable hiking/biking shoes
•Padded bike shorts and gloves (gloves not required)
•Sandals/Flipflops for around camp
•Comfortable camp chair
•T-shirts/tank tops (no spaghetti straps, please)
•Shorts and long pants (multiple)
•Jacket or sweatshirt – mountains get cool at night
•Hat or some other head covering
•Sleeping Pad (camp has extra if needed)
•Rain jacket
•Sleeping bag (camp has extra if needed)
•Socks and skivvies for each day
•Bible, notebook, pen
•Shower supplies and towel
•Toothbrush and toothpaste (duh!)
•Snacks for van and friends
•Camera (phone is okay, in Airplane mode)
•Money for 2 road meals
•Money for Missions Offering
•Hydration backpack for biking/hiking
•Water bottle or cup for around camp
•Water shoes/strap-on sandals/old tennis shoes
•Flashlight or headlamp
•Sunglasses or riding glasses
•Bug Spray
•Swimsuit (modest and 1 piece pretty please)

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    2023 Camper #
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    2023 Camp Session #
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    2023 Volunteer #
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    2023 Campers who accepted Jesus
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    2023 Missions Offering