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Missionary for Summer 2020



We're looking forward to having Maureen as our summer missionary in residence. Maureen is currently serving in Southeastern Europe by engaging the community through education and evangelism. The population where she lives is currently 95% Muslim and 68% of the population is unemployed.  This is why utilizing education as a platform to share Jesus is both effective and helpful to the people. This is done through English courses given in the local community. “Education is the tool God’s given me to engage the community and build relationships.” Currently her ministry has over a 100 students registered and all but one student is Muslim. Other opportunities include Bible studies for seekers, outreach programs for children and women, English summer camp programs, public school English teacher trainings, and development of a program in Albanian for students with Dyslexia. We are excited to have Maureen here this summer to share with us the way that Jesus is moving in the lives of those in her community.

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