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Health Updates

What's going on? Update #1

2-8-23 – Wednesday -  Pamie went to Marion for scheduled tests after 3 weeks of major GI issues. Now Pamie and I are at Lutheran hospital in Ft Wayne. We were sent here on Tuesday when she failed the upper GI Scan in Marion. The contrast dye wouldn’t get into her small intestine more than a few cm. The Dr & Radiologist agreed with the surgeon and we were referred here to a GI specialist.

The endoscopy revealed a mass blocking the small intestine. The Doctor said it was almost certainly malignant but we expect to hear the full report from pathology tomorrow. She’s had some more scans to see if there are other masses throughout the chest and abdomen. We should have those results tomorrow as well.

2/10/23 – Friday – Doctor Sharma came in and gave us the latest update. Pathology is not giving anything conclusive. Doc says he is sure it is cancer and is pushing the transfer people to get the move made quickly. Dr. Daniel Borja in Chicago texted and said they should have a bed open tonight.

The good news is the chest and abdomen CT Scans revealed there are NO more masses within that region.

02-11-23 – Saturday - Pamie and I are now in a hospital in Chicago. She has a mass in her small intestine that the Doctor calls cancer. The pathologist will not give us a final result yet. So we wait. Thanks for waiting with us.