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Health Updates

Update #8

2-19-23 – Sunday: Today was a much better day than yesterday. Pamie walked the hallway loop twice. She used the airlife device to exercise her lungs 10 times per hour. The kids made it a game to see how many at 1000 ml she could hit with her goal of 1500. This evening she is really tired. The nurse is getting night meds with the hope that she can sleep well through the night. Please pray for...

1) the doctor to come in early,
2) for testing to proceed quickly,
3) for there to be a good seal,
4) and for her intestines to be processing what goes in her stomach. That will allow the NG tube to be removed and that will really change things for her.

Her goal for the last two days has been to TOOT. No luck so far, even with Bart & me demonstrating. We are keeping our sense of humor and looking for the many things we have to be thankful for. Today I took a walk with Bart down to Millennium Park and back with an ice cream stop (see photo). The weather was beautiful…not something you would expect on a mid-February day in Chicago. Thank you for praying!