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Health Updates

Update #16

Bruce and I met with my oncologist Wednesday, May 3. We are stopping treatments. I’ve had three, and with how my body has responded, the doctor agrees I should stop. Bruce told her he was often helping me get up to go to the bathroom and checking on me to make sure I was still breathing. She will do blood work every month. My cancer markers have increased, but there can be several reasons for that.  I have a mammogram Friday afternoon. My last one was in June 2021. 

So that’s my update so far. I’m going to check out the Cancer Society place. There is one in Marion. If I continue to lose my hair at the same rate, I’ll need to do something probably in a month. So I want to be ready just in case.

Thank you so much for all the prayers and for those who brought meals. Your support through all this has been an amazing blessing.