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Health Updates

Update #18

In February, we learned Pamie had a cancerous tumor that had adhered to her abdominal wall, which was the same type of cancer she had last year. It took several tests and appointments to discern what it was and determine the best course of treatment. On April 3, she had surgery in Indianapolis to remove that tumor and a section of her colon where a different type of cancer had been found. In addition, she was able to have her hiatal hernia repaired. Overall, the surgery went very well.  She's been recovering in the hospital since then. The past week has had many ups and downs as she seeks to rest and recover. 

Please join us in praying that her intestines continue to wake up from the surgery and heal. We hope to be home soon but aren't quite sure when yet. 

Today, we thank God for walks around the hospital and visits from friends. 

 Thanks for joining us in prayer!