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Health Updates

Update #19

Pamie is still recovering from her surgery to remove both tumors. Her next appointment is the first week of May. We will meet with the surgeon and an oncologist at the IU Simon Cancer Center. We have learned from her oncologist in Marion that what we thought was two different types of cancer is not the case. That means her cancer is all the more aggressive Adenocarcinoma - which also means that the cancer has metastasized. For now, we are thankful to have the tumors out of her body and praying that God will continue to be with her as He heals her body. We are thankful for all who are walking alongside us in this journey and praying over us - this entire journey has been one of faithfulness and surrender. Thank you for being such an amazing example of the goodness of God in our lives - even when the most recent news is not so good. We will update you again after we learn more at our next appointment in May.