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COVID-19 Updates

May 6, 2020 Summer Camp Update

The Board of Directors of THE ARK Christian Ministries met this week and made a resolution: 

"The Board recognizes the unprecedented times and affirms guest safety is of the highest priority. The Board intends to operate summer camp sessions with a delayed start, with enhanced cleaning, and with social distancing procedures, all while following state and county guidelines. THE ARK will remain flexible and revisit the plan if guidelines change. While no activity is risk-free, THE ARK will strive to manage these risks to an acceptable level.  Managing risks is a key to how THE ARK has helped people grow their faith."

With this as our guiding principle, the staff met and developed a “Plan B” schedule for camp sessions. It is being finalized this week and we hope to release it by Monday (May 11). We will be following protocols established by our government and its agencies as we continue to move forward.

Watch your email. We will be sending out an updated schedule soon and look forward to getting more campers signed up for camp sessions. Please pray along with us that God will bless all with an incredible experience this summer!


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